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Custom and innovative solutions that improve the quality of life in a sustainable manner.

Android Development
Embedded Development
IOT Systems
Websites development


Let’s just say I am a guy that wants to build a smarter and more sustainable future. I have a great understanding of electronic devices, tools, machinery, and gadgets including; how they operate and which one to use for each task. I can also read code and develop software in many programming languages. I am fluent in two languages (Greek & English) and I can make basic conversation and write in Mandarin. My studies and the wide area of industries that I have been involved in, allow me to provide useful advice on many areas, such as electronics, Blockchain, AI, machine learning, computer vision, investing, project management, fitness and more.

I believe that there is always a solution to a problem, we just have to search for the answers in the right places.

What I do

Mobile Apps
Embedded programming
IOT Systems

Industries of interest

Health care
Smart homes

Why should you work with me?

  • I am very passionate for what I do and I strive to provide the quickest and best solution in any project. 
  • I only work on projects that I respect and believe they contribute in a positive way to society.
  • I am very flexible and I ALWAYS find an innovative way to solve a problem.


Would you like tο share your thoughts for the future or do you just want to get in touch? No matter the reason, feel free to fill the contact form and I would be happy to read it and reply back ASAP!