When you start thinking about the question above, there are a couple of thoughts that might be passing through your mind.
Will it be tarnished with mounds of plastic and electronic devices?
Are people going to continue suffering from famine and diseases?
Are robots going take over the world?
Or AI will control our lives?

The people who have the ability to answer those questions are the entrepreneurs, the politicians, and other influential people. As a young engineer, I see a limitless future. I believe that we have the technology and mindset to create a more sustainable future where everyone lives in harmony with the environment.

By taking advantage of the sun, the wind and our oceans we can generate enough energy to fuel anything we want to. 
By swapping plastic for more sustainable options; such as edible containers for drinkable water, disposable plates from leaves, edible cutlery from corn and so many other incredible ideas we can stop polluting the planet and our lives.

We build our future with the actions of today.
What will you do?


Let’s just say I am a guy that wants to build a smarter and more sustainable future. I have a great understanding of electronic devices, tools, machinery, and gadgets including; how they operate and which one to use for each task. I can also read code and develop software in many programming languages. I am fluent in two languages (Greek & English) and I can make basic conversation and write in Mandarin. My studies and the wide area of industries that I have been involved in, allow me to provide useful advice on many areas, such as electronics, Blockchain, AI, machine learning, computer vision, voice recognition, investing, project management, fitness and more.

The question I like to ask my friends and family is: “How can I help?”.  Nowadays, we tend to see that question a lot, with all the chatbots and digital assistants that are always willing and able to answer all our questions regarding the service they have been trained in! My question is, how can I help your company/project/life get where you want it to be?

I believe that there is always a solution to a problem, we just have to search for the answers in the right places.



Would you like tο share your thoughts for the future or do you just want to get in touch? No matter the reason, feel free to fill the contact form and I would be happy to read it and reply back ASAP!